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Hotel Search Tips

Search Hotels Quick and Easy

There is a new way to search hotels quick and easy. Instead of trying to decide whether Priceline, Orbitz, or Expedia is offering the best information and lowest prices, you can go to a website that has compiled all the data from these other hotel booking sites into one convenient place. 

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Top 10 Ways to Search For Hotels

Thanks to the Internet, it’s never been easier to search for hotels and find an establishment that meets all your essential criteria. In a way, this has not only made hotels more competitive, but it’s also given smaller boutique hotels a way to connect with just as many guests as those big chains. Each hotel can be equally represented with photos, reviews, and detailed descriptions that will make prospective guests want to stay there. Here are 10 ways to find a hotel online.

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The Most Important Hotel Search Criteria

What do you care about most when you search for hotels? That’s the first question you must ask yourself at the start of your hunt for a comfortable, affordable and enjoyable place to stay – your “home away from home.” There are several different methods of selecting a hotel to consider. 

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How To Search For Hotels Online

Today, one of the most popular ways to search hotels is by using a travel site aggregator. In the past, you could simply go to a well-known hotel chain’s main website and book your room there to get the lowest price. However, these days, third party aggregator travel sites like Expedia, Priceline, Orbitz, Kayak, and Travelocity (to name a few) have wrestled much of the power from the hotel chain giants to offer you better deals. Yet, there are so many modern travel aggregators that it’s hard to know which one has the absolute lowest prices! Also, each site differs in their quality of reviews, photos and hotel information, which is far from standardized. So, to book a hotel, you might have to scan several different hotel booking sites to compile the information you need to make an educated decision.

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Best Last Minute Hotel Search Tips

The best time to book a hotel room is typically well in advance of your trip or conversely, just in advance of your trip.  The concept here is just Economics 101, simple supply and demand.  A few months before your trip the availability of hotel room inventory in your destination is typically high (providing you are not travelling to a destination with high conference traffic or during a busy holiday) and the desire for these hotel rooms is generally low. 

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The 3 Best Ways To Search All Hotels

If you are looking for champagne, chocolate and strawberries on the bed when you arrive, then you may want to search for hotels direct through the chain’s website. Yet, if you want the best prices and the amenities that matter most to you, then you will want to look at an aggregator site. Here are three good strategies to search all hotels and find the best hotel deals. 

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